COVID-19 Business Disaster Recovery Assistance

Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan (EBL)

To check the status of your EBL application:

Log in to the online application website at to view the status of your loan. If you are not in the online system, please contact DEO toll-free at 833-832-4494 or email

The Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan (EBL) Program has been activated by the Governor to provide short-term, interest-free loans to businesses impacted by COVID-19. Administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) in partnership with the Florida SBDC Network and Florida First Capital Finance Corporation (FFCFC), the bridge loan program is a short-term, interest-free loan program designed to help businesses bridge the gap between the time damage is incurred and when a business secures other financial resources, including payment of insurance claims or longer-term U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.

Loan Application Process


To be an eligible business applicant, all of the following must be true:

  1. The business must have been established and actively operating a business physically located in Florida prior to the date of the designated disaster (March 9, 2020).
    For purposes of this eligibility requirement, actively operating an established means carrying out the performance of activities for the production of income from selling goods or performing services.
  2. Business must be a for-profit, privately held small business that has or had a minimum of two (2), but no more than one hundred (100), employees within the previous year of the date of the declared disaster (March 9, 2020).
    For purposes of this eligibility requirement, a minimum of two employees means the aggregate number of W-2 employees, “1099 employees” (i.e. independent contractors), and leased employees.
  3. The business must have repaid, in full, any previous Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan.
  4. The business applicant must demonstrate that the business has suffered a significant economic injury and unable to pay current ordinary and necessary operating expenses as a result of COVID-19.

If you are eligible, continue to Step 2. 


  1. Business Tax Statements (Previous Two Years; if unavailable, provide an explanation)
  2. Employer Tax Statements (e.g. IRS Forms 941, W-3, W-2s, 1099-MICSs)
  3. Personal Income Tax Returns for Each Applicant (Previous Two Years)
  4. Other Support Documents – if necessary (e.g. Interim Financial Statements, Letters of Explanation [e.g. Low Credit], etc.)
  5. Scan / Save each as PDF documents (for uploading in the online application)


It’s important to note that the online application was built on a platform that works best using a Chrome browser. The online application will require you to register before continuing to the online application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already submitted an application by email or hard copy through mail or courier, please do not submit another application through the online system. Your application will be entered into the online system by DEO. You will be receiving an email notification on the next steps you will need to take.


We understand that COVID-19 has impacted your business, however, there has been unprecedented demand with respect to the bridge loan program. We are striving to provide individualized and customized assistance for every applicant. Your local Florida SBDC disaster specialist will contact you directly regarding the status of your application within 7 – 10 days of receipt. (Maybe faster.) Once we receive a completed application package, which includes all the required documents, it usually takes, on average, 7 days to process the application, make a loan decision, and, if approved, schedule the loan closing. 

Again, due to the high volume of applications being received, please be patient with us. We are working to review and process your application as quickly as possible. 


For application status inquiries and/or questions:

Log in to the online application website at to view the status of your loan. If you are not in the online system, please contact DEO toll-free at 833-832-4494 or email to find out about the status of your application and for questions regarding the EBL program.

For assistance with completing an application:

Our Florida SBDC disaster recovery specialists provide one-on-one confidential consulting at no cost to help businesses prepare disaster loan applications and assist with other post-disaster challenges. Please note that consultations are taking place via phone call or virtual meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing high volumes of calls, emails, and requests for consulting. We will work to respond to your request as quickly as possible. We ask that you remain patient during this time and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Find your local SBDC office by clicking here.

For more information about the EBL Program, click here.