Carol Goodwin

Goodwin Company - Micanopy

George Goodwin built Goodwin Heart Pine Company with all his heart. Goodwin’s factory finished hardwood floors are the richest reclaimed wood in the world… now ‘install ready’ with a finish next in hardness only to diamonds. Fine antique wood since 1976, Goodwin’s new facility will enable the company to meet changing client demands and a larger market with fine finishes and custom colors.

As a small entrepreneurial business, we needed help with leadership skills in order to grow. We found the help we needed from the Florida SBDC at UNF. Dr. Phil Geist, Area Director for the FSBDC, has been instrumental in guiding Goodwin’s evolution from the highest quality reclaimed wood production to a world class team and facility focused on environmental and business sustainability while maintaining quality antique wood products.

A few of the dozens of business achievements that Dr. Geist and his team have led for Goodwin include:

  • U.S. Chamber Top 100 Small Business Award for Goodwin at the US Chamber of Commerce in D.C.;
  • Leadership and accountability training for Goodwin’s Management Team, including HR Policy Manual and Job Description update and legal counsel approval;
  • Financial management training, capital investment expansion planning, and ongoing working capital and budget management;
  • Design of new enterprise management system from menus to systems and processes to user interfaces to give to the programmer;
  • Grant submission support for Rural Energy America and the Small Business Innovation Research Programs; and
  • Business plan development for Goodwin and for Heritage Wood Finish Company, an affiliate company to enable Goodwin to reach a larger market and expand our business.

As we expand our business, we are focused more than ever on missions and goals for the business. Dr. Geist’s financial analyst, FSBDC’s Michael Chung, is helping manage our working capital as we expand. Now more than ever before, we need clear direction, strong teamwork, and market reach. Gina Smith, Marketing Consultant, comes to Goodwin through the FSBDC’s network as well.

We look forward to working together for a prosperous future for Goodwin and our community. We are grateful for the FSBDC’s leadership and assistance in achieving our mission to provide the highest quality reclaimed wood products while profiting and satisfying our clients’ wants and needs.

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