Noam Mitchell

Primebid Construction - Fort Myers

My name is Noam Mitchell. I am 23 years old, and I started a construction company called PrimeBid Construction alongside my father one year ago in Southwest Florida. I am also a part-time junior at FGCU studying Management. We are currently building spec homes in Cape Coral, with ambitions to develop cul-de-sacs, multi-family housing units, and continue our path contributing to the flourishing development in Cape Coral and other areas in SWFL.

When I met Marc, my business consultant, and others at the SBDC, PrimeBid Construction was a brand new company with no business plan, a lot of history, and plenty of room for development. The assistance and advice I received was invaluable, and I truly cannot understate in words the opportunity and foundation it gave me to begin successfully running this business.

One of the core reasons why the SBDC is so valuable is the resources it provides, in combination with real feedback from actual people. A lot of the information may be available online, but where else can small business owners coalesce with business consultants, accountants, and workshops for free? It’s great, readily available, and I have done my best to take advantage of all that it has to offer (and intend to continue doing so). From adopting a strategy, executing it, and implementing new home construction in Cape Coral, the SBDC has been there every step of the way.

The moment I saw PrimeBid’s impact on the community was within days of starting our very first spec home on Cape Coral Parkway. A neighbor right next to the lot had congratulated us on our journey, mentioned how this will influence the home prices of all of the homes around us, and gave us feedback on our floorplan. Not just neighbors, but fire marshals, realtors, city hall members, and other members of the community really embraced the vision that we had for the area. It made me realize the intense impact that my one tiny house had and how it cascaded through each branch of the community. Not just that, it gave me incredible perspective that all my time, effort, and hardship was going toward something.

In summary, I want to thank Marc Farron for giving me guidance in really difficult spots and providing genuine feedback to all of my questions. I also thank and appreciate the SBDC and all its staff, in addition to Neil Shnider for providing assistance with QuickBooks and other general accounting information which definitely helped. All in all, I know the journey ahead of me is tough, and I have a lot to learn, but I also know I’ll have way more fun doing it then doing something I don’t love! Not just a meaningless narrative, but I find each challenge and mistake to be something that leads me on a path I could only see in hindsight.

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