Eileen Rodriguez

Regional Director
Florida SBDC at USF - Tampa

I started out as a consultant. When I was doing the one-on-one consultations and teaching seminars, I’d go home feeling great, because I knew that I was making a huge difference with the people that I met every single day. They would go home knowing that they had a really good resource at their fingertips that they could call at any point in time if they had any questions about their business and we would be there to help them through the minor crises that you have on a day-to-day basis when you own a small business. We reach out and touch quite a number of people and it makes the biggest difference for our communities. Our partners, stakeholders and host institution know that. They know the type of work that we do, they know the impact that we make in our community. And that’s why they work with us. Because they know that the Florida SBDC Network helps small businesses grow and succeed.

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