Your Stories, Our History

Our Commitments

Our commitments are promises to our employees, clients, partners, and funders that reflect the values, aspirations, and culture of the Florida SBDC in pursuit of our vision.

  • Florida is a great place for business and the Small Business Development Centers are a great way for small businesses to start up. The bulk of the job growth in the country... Read More

    John D.
    University of North Florida - Jacksonville

  • I started out as a consultant. When I was doing the one-on-one consultations and teaching seminars, I’d go home feeling great, because I knew that I was making a huge... Read More

    Eileen R.
    Florida SBDC at USF - Tampa

  • I love what I do. The reason I love it so much is because we make such a big difference in our clients lives by helping them to understand the financials and helping their... Read More

    Emery P.
    Florida SBDC at FAMU - Tallahassee

  • We get to see our clients’ businesses succeed and impact our city and our state. We are reminded of that when we get to see our impact numbers at the end of our quarter... Read More

    Chelsea L.
    Florida SBDC at FAMU - Tallahassee

  • There is a huge ripple effect when a company succeeds. When they succeed, we get excited too. It means more people at work, which means an economic impact on our community... Read More

    Kevin M.
    Florida SBDC at UNF - Jacksonville

  • We partnered with the State Office of the Florida Small Business Development Center and five of the universities and colleges across the state to create an entrepreneurship... Read More

    Bobby C.
    Veterans Florida

  • I work at the SBDC at Florida International University in Miami, and I am a consultant. I specialize in international trade, but the reason I do it is really to help small... Read More

    Shelly B.
    Florida SBDC at FIU - Miami

  • It’s very rewarding to know that you’re working in a field where you are helping these companies actually expand and grow their business and grow their sales in... Read More

    Selma C.
    Florida SBDC at USF - Tampa

  • One of the things that I find the most fascinating about what we do at the SBDC is to be able to help clients find a way to export either their products or... Read More

    Javier M.
    Florida SBDC at USF - Lakeland

  • The SBDC has been a positive force for our business for over a decade. We receive professional guidance to help us make good decisions, they connect us with other... Read More

    Joe L.
    ELYK Innovation Inc.

  • Culhane’s Irish Pub is our home away from home right here in Atlantic Beach. We enjoy sharing the real Authentic Irish experience. We work with many amazing local small... Read More

    Mary J.
    Culhane's Irish Pub

  • The JWBC is a resource partner of the SBDC @UNF funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the SBA and the JAX Chamber Foundation. Our mission is advancing the... Read More

    Pat Blanchard

    Pat B.
    Jacksonville Women's Business Center