COVID-19: The impact of the pandemic on Florida’s small businesses

“…no business plan allows for something like this kind of setback.” – Sheryl Webster, The Refinery Barre Fitness Studios, Tallahassee

The pandemic has initiated the need for greater safety and sanitation practices at homes, workplaces, and businesses alike. It has forced many people to stay indoors, avoid travel, and the resulting financial strain has prompted many to tighten their budgets and cut back on consumer spending. For business owners this means making tough decisions such as changing operating procedures, laying off employees, or in some cases, closing down altogether.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused an unprecedented short-term and long-term impact on small businesses across the country. Seeking to shed light and understand the continued needs of small businesses and the pandemic and subsequent economic impacts, the Florida SBDC Network partnered with the Florida Chamber Foundation, UWF Haas Center, and CareerSource Florida to conduct two separate phases of our research study: the COVID Small Business Impact Survey and the COVID Small Business Impact Survey 2.0.

Explore the results of each survey below: