What Our Clients Say

Browse below to see what our clients have to say about our people and the work they do at the Florida SBDC Network:

“The advice that I received from the Ft. Lauderdale SBDC was invaluable. As I was contemplating going into business on my own, they guided me through a process of analyzing how this would impact my personal life, my finances and my future well-being. They helped me to remove the “rose-colored” glasses and helped me come to a conclusion that the time/finances/conditions were not right at that moment to start my own business. Had it not been for the SBDC I most likely would have made a decision that could have ruined me financially and personally.”

– Ramon Rodriguez, Miami


“When I started my company, I knew a lot about my industry, but not so much about how to run a business. The information and guidance gained through SBDC workshops and mentoring were invaluable.”

– Carole Holden, The Media Fairy, Howey in the Hills


“With the help of the SBDC professional services we received we have increased our international market and believe the service is invaluable.”

– Karen Tomlinson, Nevco Educational Video, Fort Myers


“Every time I work with the SBDC I walk away a stronger business owner. The advice and support this group gives is invaluable.”

– Michelle Deatherage, Duckweed Inc., Tampa


“As a small company, the services provided from the Florida SBDC consultant has directed our business and helped keep us on track to reaching our goals…We have had our set backs, but every time we presented these obstacles to our consultant, he presented us with questions that directed our company in making the corrections necessary, creating a focus… Every business should utilize the services offered by Florida SBDC… Thank you for everything!”

– Scott Durfee, Spathose LLC, St. Petersburg


“SBDC professionals offered their undivided attention, candid feedback, shared ideas to grow the business, offered words of encouragement, and seemed genuinely interested in seeing me develop my business.”

– Toni Chrabot, Confidence LLC, Ponte Vedra Beach


“I recommend anyone seeking to start or update their business to seek the expertise of the SBDC. They are supportive and are always willing to help you make the best decisions about your business.”

– Patricia Davis, CATA, Jacksonville


“Kurt has become like a business partner. His invaluable direction has encouraged us to make beneficial decisions that we might otherwise not have made, and we credit him with our growth. He is always available for us regardless of his work load, and we can’t imagine operating our business without Kurt Forster!”

– Eileen O’hara, Brimstone Originals, Largo


“Working with…the SBDC has proven to be one of the best things I have done for my business; not only have I gained new insights into areas that we can actively pursue and improve but also the affirmation of knowing if you are doing the right things and planning accordingly. It has helped us with exporting, government contracting and increased efficiency. I highly recommend any involvement with the SBDC in the early stages of a business plan, future developments, and formulating the exit strategy as well. I am grateful I did. Thank you so much SBDC!”

– Bruno Silva, Illuminearth Lighting and Controls, Jacksonville


“We are a small company that has come to rely heavily on the talents and services offered by our SBDC representative (Emily McHugh). She has been invaluable in offering tools that we would otherwise not have access to. Thank you for creating this worthwhile organization.”

– Edward Ciampi, Chicago Stainless Equipment, Palm City