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Small Business, Big Opportunities

Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network

Helping small businesses launch, grow and thrive

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Our Network

The largest network of small business consultants in Florida.

We provide access to no-cost consulting, affordable and high-quality resources, innovative tools, and the knowledge of a diverse network of small business experts. We are the Florida Small Business Development Center Network. We are SBDC.

Pensacola to Key West | 9 regions, serving Florida's 67 counties

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Consulting Services

With more than 40 offices across the state, the goal of the Florida SBDC Network is to enhance the economic well-being of Floridians by providing high-quality training, no-cost, confidential, consulting and market and industry research to Florida's small businesses.

Click to view our featured consulting services below.

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Success Stories

Tree Trimmers
“I would recommend people utilize the service because it’s right here in our backyard and there’s nothing more powerful than a presentation done right.”

Jerome Rhyant, Tree Trimmers USA

In the realm of entrepreneurship, few stories encapsulate the spirit of dedication and vision as remarkably as Jerome Rhyant's journey with Tree Trimmers USA, LLC. Established in 2017, this enterprise has expanded into a powerhouse on the Treasure Coast, specializing in tree trimming, stump grinding, mulching, and more, all under Rhyant's steadfast leadership.

Rob Olin
“Teaching you to work smart—that’s what the SBDC brings to the table.”

Rob Olin, Spring Creek Florida

Rob Olin, an oyster rancher and the founder of Estuary Oysters, says he never imagined that running a small business could be filled with so many hurdles.

With the help of the SBDC, who Rob calls his “coach,” Estuary Oysters is working to save the coast by replenishing the keystone oyster population.

Cope Notes
“The Florida SBDC at USF helped me with pretty much every corner of my business, especially in those early months.”

Johnny Crowder, Cope Notes

Although Crowder had such a passion for the vision of his business, he knew he needed assistance getting it started. Eventually, he found the Florida SBDC at University of South Florida. “When I first started the company, I had no idea what I was doing,” he said. “I was looking for local resources for small businesses owners and I found a link to the Florida SBDC at USF. I clicked around, filled out a form, came in to meet with somebody, and they helped me with just about everything.”

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