IRSC SBDC Offers DiSC Training: Unlock Team Potential, Resolve Conflict, Boost Sales

The SBDC at IRSC now has “state of the art” resources to help our clients; Treasure Coast business owners, corporate partners and nonprofits “Turbo Charge Their Teams”! Using the research backed and highly acclaimed DiSC behavioral assessment provided by TTI Success Insights and under the guidance of a “Certified Behavioral Analyst” this process can improve communication, help with conflict resolution, boost productivity, and support a positive culture and brand. The robust and comprehensive assessment and ensuing dialogue with your dedicated consultant will create new opportunities to:

Learn about yourself and your employees. Get a better idea of how you tend to behave to reach your goals and objectives. Identify what motivates you and the strengths and challenges of your unique style.

Improve your leadership qualities and cultivate leaders within. Learning what makes you tick and be most productive is only half of the work equation. When you work in groups, you’re working with others. Having this knowledge can help you understand the personalities and desired working environment of those you lead. When you become familiar with the dispositions of those you’re working with, you can make accommodations that improve productivity and morale.

Enhance your team’s ability to resolve conflicts Not everyone on your team has the same thought process, communication style, personality, and work preferences as you do. Recognizing the differences and seeking ways to accommodate them will lessen the chance of conflict. Those conflicts can become learning opportunities to grow closer and improve results.

Improves teamwork. When working with peers, you will better understand how to adapt and communicate with team members. By learning more about those you work with, the better you’ll see eye-to-eye and get projects done well and on schedule.

Boost your external relationships with customers and clients. Just as you and your team members are unique and have demonstrated behavioral tendencies, so do your customers and clients. Influencing and adapting to those will build sales and customer loyalty.

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