Managing the many aspects of your business may seem daunting, or even overwhelming, and that’s where we can help.From consulting on human resources issues to ensuring that you are using the most productive processes and procedures, our experts can help help you streamline operations and assist in decisions that impact the overall management and operation of your business.

Turbo-Charge Any Team™

An Assessment to Improve Profits, Communication, and Effectiveness

Does your team have poor communication? Are they disengaged?

According to Gallup, only 33 percent of employees are actively engaged at work. Disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. between $450 billion – $550 billion, while companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147 percent in earnings per share.

Challenges among teams can occur when people’s talents and skills are not leveraged for the right positions. When this happens, conflict can occur, communication stops, and ROI is compromised.

How We Can Help

Florida SBDC Network consultants can also use customized assessments to transform your organization.

How It Works

  • CEO/business owner receives a complimentary consultation from a Florida SBDC consultant
  • Your team conducts the Turbo-Charge Any Team™ assessment (20-30 minutes per person to complete)
  • Florida SBDC consultant conducts confidential debrief meetings to review reports with CEO/business owner and key team members (1 hour per person)
  • Consultant conducts debrief with your entire team (3 hours)
  • Consultant works with your leadership team to develop action steps and follow-up
  • Cost
  • $50 per person to conduct the Turbo-Charge Any Team™ assessment