Unlocking Growth: A Guide to Government Contracting with APEX Accelerators

A vibrant scene of growing plants with lush green leaves reaching towards the sky. An upward-pointing arrow symbolizes the continuous growth and progress of the plants.

APEX Accelerators, formerly known as Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, play a crucial role in providing technical assistance to businesses aiming to sell their products or services to federal, state, and local governments. If you're considering government contracting for the growth and acceleration of your small business, here's what APEX Accelerators can offer:

  1. Assessing Readiness: Determine if your business is ready for government contracting, be it in the government industrial base (GIB) or defense industrial base (DIB). Past performance in the desired service or product is a key consideration.
  2. Registration Guidance: Receive assistance in registering your business in the appropriate places to streamline the government contracting process.
  3. Certification Eligibility: Explore eligibility for small business certifications that can open doors to specific opportunities.
  4. Contract Opportunity Research: Access support in researching past contract opportunities to better understand the landscape.

Despite the name change, your Florida APEX Accelerator maintains its affiliation with the Florida SBDC. If you're ready to incorporate government contracting into your business plan, facilitating growth and acceleration, reach out to your Florida APEX Accelerator today!

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