Army Veteran Achieves First Contract with Help from Florida PTAC at UCF

Resolve. If there’s one trait that distinguishes successful entrepreneurs and their small businesses from the rest, it is their determination to accomplish their goals, undeterred by the obstacles they must overcome. Ashley (Green) Painter, the founder and principal at Patriot Government Partners, a business specializing in government contracting, has proven she has the necessary tenacity and, when assisted by the Florida Procurement Technical Assistance Center at the University of Central Florida (Florida PTAC at UCF) - a partnership program of the Florida SBDC Network - the needed support to be successful.

Patriot Government Partners, a client of the Florida PTAC at UCF - a partnership program of the Florida SBDC Network- webAshley Green has served for almost 20 years, and is a newly promoted Major and Company Commander, in the United States Army Reserve. Patriot Government Partners launched in November 2018 with a mission to leverage the founder’s military background –– and her healthcare experience and knowledge of small business ownership to provide information technology and project management services, centered primarily around healthcare, to government contracting clients.

"I knew I wanted to build a business, but I wasn’t sure how to formulate the plan and the steps I needed to take,“ recalls Green. “So I came to the Florida PTAC at UCF for help. I did everything – from soup to nuts – through PTAC.”

“My Procurement Specialist and the manager of the Florida PTAC at UCF, Steve South, worked with me practically weekly,” Green continued. “First on my project plan, then on pro forma financial statements and marketing plans. He gave me the checklist I needed to become a government contractor. He connected me with Jean Hill, a PTAC Coordinator, who helped set me up in Bid Match – an extensive database of federal, state, local, and international contracting opportunities – and with Kara Vernon, also a PTAC Specialist, who has guided me through utilizing the U.S. Department of Defense’s Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) system, a web-based application that allows DoD Vendors to submit and track their invoices, receipts and acceptance documents electronically.”

Once Patriot Government Partners opened in November, with the help of the Florida PTAC at UCF, Green registered her company as a woman-owned and veteran-owned business within the U.S. Government Services Administration’s (GSA) System for Award Management (SAM). She began watching the daily feed of opportunities from the Bid Match system. And she found one! But time was short.

The Florida Air National Guard had put a contract for bid to manage a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event, where airmen and their families are provided information and services prior to deployment. It was scheduled for late January. Unfazed by the short timeline, Green pursued the contract with assistance from the Florida PTAC at UCF. In just a few short weeks, which included two major holidays and a partial government shutdown, Green overcame delays, doubts, and uncertainty, and Patriot Government Partners won their first contract within three months after launching. If that’s not resolve in the face of long odds, then nothing is.

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Excellence is what I found at the PTAC,” concluded Green. “...Their only goal is to help me grow and build my business the right way. The Florida PTAC at UCF has been so beneficial to me and my company.”

Ashley Green, Partner — Patriot Government Partners, LLC