Bridge Loan Helps Paff Landscape, Tree Service Stay in Business

John Paff, owner of Paff Landscape, Inc., and Paff Tree Service, LLC, provides tree trimming and removal services, as well as sod installation and roadway mowing for commercial enterprises, in the Brooksville-area.

After Hurricane Irma swept through the area in September 2017, Paff found itself out of work, as the Florida Department of Transportation, a primary client, shut down all jobs for multiple weeks. This led to an economic hardship on the company.

Looking for a solution to hold the company over until business resumed, Paff reached out to the Florida SBDC at University of South Florida (USF), located at the Greater Hernando Chamber of Commerce, to find assistance applying for the state’s Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan program.

When asked about his experience with the storm and the assistance received, Paff recalled:

What type of damage occurred?

The Florida Department of Transportation is a major customer of ours. They shut down all of our jobs the week before and the week of the hurricane. Because of this, we were unable to work for two weeks, which caused economic damage to the company.

How did the Bridge Loan help?

It was extremely helpful to replace cash flow interrupted by work stoppage.

How was the Florida SBDC at USF helpful during this process?

They were very helpful. It was a fast and simple process with very little paperwork!

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The [Florida SBDC at USF] was very helpful. It was a fast and simple process with very little paperwork!”

John Paff, Owner — Paff Landscape & Paff Tree Service