Florida’s Collaborative Culture: Key to Business & Economic Prosperity

Helping Florida's Small Businesses Take Flight

Florida consistently ranks as one of the top states for business thanks to its favorable business climate, competitive costs, zero personal income tax, and proximity for global trade. Though these attributes are critical, Florida arguably possesses one lesser-known competitive advantage that has helped solidify its ranking as one of the best states for business: a culture of collaboration.

Through partnerships and alliances, Florida's culture of collaboration remains a hallmark of its ongoing success. Intergovernmental collaboration on a regional and statewide scale improves efficiencies and service delivery, making it easier for Florida businesses to grow and succeed.

To build a healthier business climate and to achieve the state's vision in making Florida the nation's leader in job generation, growth, and economic prosperity, collaboration remains key. Florida's economic success depends on the success of its small businesses and our ability to leverage our collective assets. Through partnerships, we increase our impact, improve our communities, and create more jobs for Florida's families.

Watch this video to learn more about how Florida's statewide business development organizations are working together to support Florida businesses.