Export Marketing Plan Propels Pompano Beach Company to International Success

David Rosen, who immigrated to the United States from Melbourne, Australia, started Kira Labs in 2001 in Pompano Beach, Florida. Offering over 200 premium formulations, they specialize in natural, quality skincare products. In just 14 years, Rosen has turned Kira Labs into a multimillion-dollar international cosmetics manufacturer. Since their inception, they have private labeled and manufactured nearly 100 million units for over 250 brands that have sold globally. Kira Labs is considered a formidable contender on the global skin-care landscape.

Rosen attributes his company’s significant growth to a wise decision he made in 2009: seeking strategic advice from Parbatee Chang at the Florida SBDC Fort Lauderdale.

“Today we’ve more than exceeded our 2009 financial growth and all current business expectations and indicators are showing a continued growth pattern with our pipeline reflecting strong international and domestic markets,“ said Rosen.

Kira Labs has seen new revenue growth through the recession, going from 10 employees in 2009 to more than 60 today, and growth in the millions of dollars.

“Parbatee was generous enough to take the time and effort to put together a very detailed Export Marketing Plan. Today we find ourselves exporting as far as Russia, Norway, Korea — you name it, we’re all over the map,” Rosen said.

This custom designed, revenue-generating Export Marketing Plan proved to be a golden tool, and implementing it has propelled Kira Labs to a higher level of excellence.

Through a partnership with Enterprise Florida and the U.S. Commercial Service, Florida SBDC International Trade Specialists prepare export marketing plans for qualifying Florida-based manufacturers and service providers. Specialists spend approximately 100 hours on each plan, creating a customized report with target market recommendations, overseas trade opportunities, and an action plan for market entry.

In addition, the comprehensive International Trade Certificate Program that Rosen and his staff attended through the FSBDC, further clarified to them the support that is available for a growing business in the United States. He claims that the knowledge he acquired — export logistics and trends, and procedures for exporting efficiently — was crucial and considerably reduced Kira Labs’ risk level.

With the help of the Florida SBDC, Rosen intends to develop a five-year strategy which will include plans for Kira Labs to expand their global reach.

In 2017, as a testament to his leadership and the company's success, Rosen was named the South Florida District and State of Florida Exporter of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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The SBDC is not only a strategy to help businesses, but they actually have a passion for what they do, which is key to the success of what they bring to organizations.”

David Rosen, Owner — Kira Labs, Inc.