Inside Sales Solutions Experiences Rapid Growth with Help from Florida SBDC

While large organizations typically outsource to meet needs in areas such as recruitment or marketing services, the team at Inside Sales Solutions saw a huge opportunity in outsourcing one of the most challenging areas of business – the sales development process.

“We do the hard yards,” Aidan Snee, owner and CEO of Inside Sales Solutions, said. “We make the phone calls. We send the emails. We really enable our clients to access key decision makers ready to talk about their solutions offering. We make sure that piece of the puzzle is in place and their sales teams are engaged speaking with decision makers in order to grow their sales pipeline.”

Within a few months of opening the boutique demand generation business in St. Petersburg, Snee began working locally with the Florida SBDC at Pinellas County Economic Development.

“As a company that targets Fortune 100 through to mid-market companies that have been through recent Series B funding, our positioning in the marketplace is essential so the branding and online presence makes a world of difference,” he said.

“This is the area SBDC really helped with – market research, competitive analysis, generally appraising our online presence currently has led us to be in a much better place now thanks to their efforts.”

Since working with the Florida SBDC at PCED, Inside Sales Solutions has grown from three employees at its St. Petersburg location, to now employing 50 people.

“We’ve got a great presence in the marketplace now,” Snee said. “We are breaking records all the time. We are ranked in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. This has been a big success story for this business and a decent amount of it can be traced back to the SBDC.”

While he recommends the Florida SBDC at PCED for other businesses, Snee says there are many city, county and state resources the company has found useful. They are also involved in local organizations that have helped to position them in the marketplace, such as the Edge District and the local chamber of commerce.

While Inside Sales Solutions continues to push the envelope, Snee says he will continue to use the Florida SBDC at PCED for its expertise.

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They really gave us more senior level consulting services. With that level of experience and expertise, it really helped take us to the next level. We’ve matured as a company as a consequence of that, but continue to rely on the SBDC’s external consulting evaluation of what we’re concocting internally.”

Aidan Snee, Owner & CEO — Inside Sales Solutions